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How to back up settings in the Archer VR1600v

Level 3

I've just received from TPG a replacement modem. An Archer VR160v

Because TPG only provided a quick set up guide (and that lacked information), I had to find the manual for this modem on-line here.

I want to back up settings for my modem configuration. The manual states on page 91 (PDF page 95):

Click Advanced > System Tools > Backup And Restore Page.

I could do the first two, but "Back up and Restore Page" does not seem to exist.

Backup-Where is it.JPG

Under System Tools there are as in the picture above: - Time Settings - LED Control - Diagnostics - Firmware Upgrade - Reboot - Administration - System Log - SNMP Setting - Traffic Monitor - AND THATS ALL.


So having gone through every other menu I can see, I can't see it. Please would someone point me in the right direction.


Thank You


Where is the ability to Backup and Restore?







Hi @SineNomine,


Backup configuration function is not supported on this modem.


Please let me know should you require further assistance.



Level 3

Yes i do need more assistance please.


Either the modem is a VR1600v and the manual on page 91 (pdf 95) very clearly states THERE IS a backup for the configuration, (pictured below). or it is not the vr1600v that it masqurdes to be. If the modem is not the model it is blelieved to be, please could you provide the operation manual for the correct modem so that there is no confusion in future, because right now I am very confused, either it is a vr1600v or it isn't.


Furthermore, what good is a modem where the settings cannot be backed up? (that's not a rhetorocal question, meaning thats part of the further assistance that I am requesting).  It is standard practice to back up settings in good IT circles.


Your assistance is greatly appreciated.


Thank you.

Backup-Where is it 2.JPG

Level 8

Hi @SineNomine as Shane said the modem doesn't support the restore function, it's supplied with a customised firmware that allows auto configuration on the network and remote administration where needed. The supplied modem and it's customised firmware is tweaked to work reliably on TPG's network.

 The manual you are referring to in the link was not provided for reference by TPG and only applies to a generic version.

Level 3

This most disappointing. I have to say that I am highly dissatisfied, and respectfully request that the feature be restored in a firmware revision. I do not see how it's removal can effect reliable operation, it's a local issue.


Until the NBN came along I have been a long term very satisfied customer with the service from TPG, (so much so that I have recommended customers to you, who have used your service). I also was able to use a modem where the settings could be saved. When a new service such as NBN comes along, it is supposedly to make things better and improve. This is obviously not the case. I am not in the least bit happy with the modem you have supplied. To be absolutely clear. I am not a satisfied customer.


Am I to infer that you have also interfered with the abilities of the modem in my other posting here?, which is a simple question and at the time of posting this reply has to date no response.


We are sorry if the equipment we supplied to you is not to your complete satisfaction.


We will take into consideration the enabling of these features in future updates.


As for your TPG NBN service we can see that you are 931 meters away from the node, as such your line is capable of providing up to 50 Mbps. Your current plan is configured on the nbn25 Wholesale Plan tier with 5Mbps upload and 25Mbps download and your current line speed is 25Mbps.


Should you wish to upgrade your plan to NBN50, please let us know.


We have also replied to your other post and you may check our response here:


Let us know should you have further queries. Thank you.

Level 3

Please keep me informed of updates.

If I "upgrade" for speed, I also pay more and "downgrade" because some of the features that I currently 'enjoy' in my plan are no longer offered. (A limited amount of International calls are included - I like that) An upgrade is ony an upgrade if it is better than what I already have, and for my purpose, the current offering does not offer that otherwise I may be tempted. For me speed is not really an issue. I am getting virtually what is advertised (the last time that I tested). So if I were to change plans, to lose international calls is not an upgrade, it is a downgrade. But thank you for pointing out the opportunity.


No worries, @SineNomine.


Let us know should you require any assistance.


Level 2

I too am looking to backup the config for the modem. I came across an issue today and was looking at resetting the modem but do not want to redo the config on this gui modem


Please answer the following questions

1. Why would you create a firmware that does not allow backing up the modems config??  it boggles the mind.

2. Do your Huawei modems support this feature?  ( I asked specifically for this modem as tp-link are 'not the greatest' but you sent out tplink anyways.  Although Huawei are questionably crap as well..
What model of the Huawei would you provide?

3. I was also looking at updating the firmware on the tplink modem you have provided but as you provide a "custom" firmware.  This may be ill advised?


Thank you


@groan as advised above the current firmware version does not support it, we have escalated this matter for future improvements.

We no longer send out Huawei modems. We do not recommend firmwares not provided by TPG on your TP Link modem as it would cause issues with the phone service.


Joseph D