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Level 2

Hello, I want to continue to renew your TPG, but I have not found that there is no way to continue to buy your plan without buying wifi modern. What do I need to do? Thanks.


@616471991zlm If you already have an existing modem that would work with the service then I don't see any issues about it, though it is always best to use TPG issued modems. Our customer service team would help.


BTW all TPG NBN plans come with a free modem.


Kind regards,

Joseph D

Level 2

I know, but I want to know how can I continue to renew my monthly plan, or do I need to buy it again?


We understand that you'd like to keep your service with TPG and we are happy to inform your that the account cancellation has been withdrawn, @616471991zlm.


As mentioned via PM, your account is still paid.


To avoid service disruption, please settle a new renewal for the next billing cycle.


These articles can guide you on how to use your TPG My Account:



Thank you for choosing TPG.


Let us know should you need further assistance.