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TP-LINK AC1200 router firmware upgrade

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Hi @jamesguo


Welcome to the Community! 


We're sorry to learn about the connection issues you are experiencing on your service. I've managed to locate your account using your Community details and have seen that your modem already has the latest firmware.


I've ran remote tests on your line and it showed that your internet is connected for 2 weeks now, which is an indication of a stable line. 


It's possible that the trouble you may be having could be WIFI-related (signal interference, distance, weak signal) if you're using a WIFI connection only. Wireless networks are subject to interference from any electromagnetic sources, and the signal strength is greatly reduced by many materials or any water-containing object. 

You might also consider changing the wifi channel of your modem. A WiFi repeater could also be a solution for you. A WiFi repeater or extender is used to extend the coverage area of your WiFi network. It works by receiving your existing WiFi signal, amplifying it and then transmitting the boosted signal.


Here are some Community articles which can be helpful with Wi-Fi related issue(s): 


Should you still require further assistance, please do let us know of your best call back time so we can organise a call back to be made from our Technical team. 





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Thanks for the reply. But it has nothing to do with Wi-Fi. I check internet status on modem plus I’ve got mesh wifi coverage which is full bar everywhere all the time.
The internet light was blinking on nbn box when the dropout happened

Hi @jamesguo,


We noticed that the service has been connected for 1week 6d 3h 50m to our network. Perhaps we can refresh its connection, simply turn off the modem/router wait for 5mins and turn it back on. Let us know how it will go.