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TP-Link VR 900 AC 1900

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I have this TP linkArcher VR 900, Vdsl/adsl modem router.

Tpg NBN, HFC .

The Huawei is connected and working but it is not so good.


I have set the VR900 to Vdsl, Router mode.

Tpg said Vlan id of 2.


user and password is all good.

I cannot get an internet connection.

Anyone with experience in a archer VR900 can offer some help?

Tpg are not interested.

Thought i would try here before calling tp link/



Hi @raymp,


Are you able to post a print screen of your settings for us to assess? Were you able to check if it's the same as posted by Cameron on this link?


You can also try to turn off the ARRIS Box and unplug it from the power outlet, after 1 - 2 minutes reconnect and turn it on to fully reset it. Then try to reconfigure your modem with the VLAN ID 2 and PPPoE settings. Make sure to reset your TP Link modem first, so we can start fresh.


Keep us posted on what will happen.



Level 4

Attached are 3 screen shots. It is still not working.

The router gives an orange colour internet light, should be white.

Level 4

I have given up on Tp link anything.

i have tried unsuccessfully with an archer vr900 and an archer D9.

Both are suitbale for some Nbn but not Nbn ,, HFC.

Tp link would have you think otherwise.

if you get to the the top of the tplink support, the answer is no Hfc.

But the bottom tier of tplink support is useless.



Hi @raymp,


My apologies for the late response.


I checked the screenshots that you have provided and I just want to know. Have you tried using the "DSL Modem Router Mode"? If not, can you please try it and update us if what will happen.



Level 4

I can confirm the VR900 is noot compatable with Tpg Hfc.

Confirmation is from Tp link.


HIi @raymp,


Thank you for posting the information here in TPG Community.



Level 2

Hi @raymp, Looking at your screenshots i'd guess thats the V1.0 firmware. I tried to use similar settings with a V2.0 VR900 and was not able to get a connection on TPG HFC. Thanks for your info and posts.