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@Riezl I completely understand, just shouldnt promise it works Smiley Happy

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@tryanchristos wrote:I'm just told to leave this on. Really need the internet for work and I am hamstrung at the moment and getting desperate.
If you still have your old Internet method then you can disconnect your NBN device and your phoneline will return to normal. You can keep it disconnected until the night before your appointment.

I have disconnected my NCD and am back to using ADSL2. Curiosity got the better of me and I did reconnect it temporarily just to see if anything had changed since the digging crew had gone. But nothing has changed.

I'll be reconnecting the NCD on Monday night or Tuesday morning.
Regards, Leigh
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@Leigh63 wrote:A Tech has been booked to come out and (hopefully) activate my service next Tuesday 19th June.


Hi all,

An NBN Tech visited this morning. He found that the DPU had a spare Port. It turns out that the spare was assigned to my house and was not actually connected. The ID Tag for my house (my address was clearly written on the tag) was attached to another port.

NBN DPU Pit.jpg



So a quick snip of the wires and a few terminal connectors later and I now have 3 solid blue lights.

However......The Modem DSL light is not coming on. The Tech told me to turn the Modem off for 30 minutes while NBN run some tests on the NCD.


Edit: It turns out that DSL light does not have to be on. A quick speedtest shows that I'm getting 46.86Mbps.


Success!!! Smiley Very Happy

Regards, Leigh

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hoping mine is as easy as that! :-) appointment booked on thursday morning


Thanks for looping us in @Leigh63


Great to know that the service is now working. 


Please let us know should you need further assistance. 

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My thanks go to the Moderators on this Community Forum. I don't think I would be this far without their help.

Regards, Leigh


You're welcome @Leigh63.


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Hi my problem is same as above. the DSL and connection lights keep blinking. I PM the community team a few times and then no reply. the connection was already up to 24hrs, no internet at home really annoying.

Hi @liter0519

We have responded to your Community post yesterday, please see here and you may also check your Community Private message as we also responded to you there.

Further to this, we have asked our Provisioning Team to contact you to further assist on this issue. Should you have a preferred contact number and time kindly send us a private message with your contact details and we will relay the information to them.