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I am with TPG for last 6 years, TPG moved me to NBN in Mid-Oct, since the begining NBN is not working for me, there are several hours of blackout each day. There have been many technicians (5 so far) come and gone without fixing my issue. TPG does not care and not even sharing any technical details about my connection or technician findings, I have no clue what to do...


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Have you filed a complaint with TIO.


I have been told I will be given a NBN connection but then there is no NYD box on the premises so TPG is playing 'we dunnno, it's NBN who aint respondding' for over two weeks now. I am going to give them one last chance before filing a compalint with TIO to get this solved.


Hi @satban,


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Not all NBN connection needs NBN Box/NTD box. I would love to help and see what happened on this. To better understand the situation, kindly PM me your account details (Username/Customer ID or Contact number associated with the account.

For your reference: How to send PM in the community.



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The TPG website stipulates, that if there is no-one home at the agreed time they will will charge the customer $109 dollars for failure to keep the appointment.

I feel it should work the other way round. And indeed when NBN came to me, they did not keep the appointment and I stayed in all day for nothing. No notification or explantion.

In fact I did charge TPG $109 and sent it to their head office accounts. Of course I didn't expect to be paid because 1. TPG don't believe in fair play. 2. What is one person against a corporation. But had TPG believed in fair play they should have paid the same to me as they expect from me. Paid me and claimed it from NBNco. It's not to late to have some integrity.

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I am frustrated with such bad services of TPG. Technicians are visiting for the 6th time to fix the internet but every time they fix, it breaks in no time. I had applied leave from my work due to these NBN technicians and  could not even do work from home as I did not have internet at my home. Obvisouly they had destroyed the ADSL which had no issues at all and had been working like a charm for the last 1 year and they termed it as "decommissioned".
NBN technician Mr Chris had visited once after the specific time frame [arrived at 1 pm and he was supposed to visit between 8 am - 12 pm]. He struggled for 3 hours till 4 pm and could not even fix.  TPG would send a message saying that I had to pay penalty if I would not be present at home and but they could visit at their own time and they should be given respect. Tried several times to lodge an urgent complaint and asked the NBN technicains to fix during the weekend but Again same technician visited on 11th Dec at 8 am and left after fixing the internet temporarily. Another two NBN technicians visited on 24th Nov 2018 and fixed some wired outside the premises but broke the internet again.
Mr Charles from TPG engineering [claimed to be a supervisor] had told me that he would appoint one dedicated resource for monitoring the service of my home. But it was a big lie.
I had called TPG for more than 30 times and each time I had to narrate the whole history as they would not have any update of the reported issues.
Such a drainer!

Hi ujjalroy1,


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We understand your frustration and we apologise for the inconvenience caused. 


I can see that you have lodged a complaint to our Customer Relations team. As part of our complaints process, a Complaints Resolution Case Manager has been assigned as a sole point of contact and will be attempting to reach your contact information to discuss the concerns raised and work towards resolution.

Your compliance officer sent you an e-mail today regarding your complaint. Should you have any other query regarding your complaint, please do not hesitate to contact your compliance officer directly via return mail.

As for the escalated ticket, an appointment has been booked on 19 December 2018, between 8AM - 12PM in which I've seen that you already agreed to.



Let us know if we can be of further assistance. 



Thank you. 


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Cant agree more


@mikicarpus wrote:
Yes their customer service is worse than any other internet provider. Just cancelled with them because of this. Good luck to their customers they really need it.


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Agreed ..with you mentioned. I have a similar experience as well ..where a ticket is opened for the last more than 3 weeks. So called second largest service provider does not have ETA - unfortunately. The biggest issues is lack of focus and awareness how to treat individual item.


 The irony here is senior escalation authority also does not have much control to address the issue on time. Collectively TPG should have 100s or 1000s years of experience – if we consider the manpower and entire team but looks like the approach to handle all issues is blocker here. Team always offer same treatment whether you need ICU or OPD does not matter. There is a own way / approach to handle all the issues.


Also, bill is getting charge on time without a second thought that whether customer using your services or not. Why not there is a system to STOP THE BILLING for all customers where issue in progress?


Also, not sure why only one single email and phone number at the website for escalation? Where the customer should go if the escalation authority not capable enough to address the issues? There must be different level of escalations with name, email id and phone numbers , if TPG really care for  customers and want to get the right attention to respective open issue.


Hi @shail1947


A Complaints Resolution Case Manager has been assigned as a sole point of contact regarding your complaint and will work towards a resolution. 


The officer has sent you an email today, 26 October 2021. You may direct all your queries and concerns to the said officer. Further updates will be communicated via email or phone call.