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I am having issues with my latency on PUBG. I am getting 300ms + , however, when I connect through a VPN, depending on which server I use, I can get it down to 100ms. It appears to be a routing issue. I know my friend with another ISP does not have this issue. Can this be resolved? 






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The game is now connecting me to the Australian server, so I am now getting a latency of 53 ms. I am not sure why it was connecting me to the sea server, but hopefully will stay on Australia.

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Hi @AzDawg ,


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We would like to confirm what particular PUBG server you're connected. If you’re in  Australia, but playing on an American or Asian server, your latency will be higher because the geographical distance creates a delay between information being sent from an Australian client-side (player’s) connection before it’s received and relayed from the American server.

Connecting or Playing to a Game server not designated to your area will affect a high latency issue particularly if the Game Developer itself made a specific Server in every location such as SEA / NA Servers etc. If you're having latency issue while playing/connected to the Australian Server please post a screen shot of the latency issue and we'll have it check.
Let us know should you require further assistance.

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Hi Shane 

Unfortunately, PUBG does not give you a choice as to which server it connects me to and it automatically connects most Australians to the SEA server. I don't think the distance to the server is the issue because like I said when I connect through a VPN I get a really good ping of about 130ms. Also, my friend gets connected to the same server is also in Australia and his ping is around 90ms. ATM the games seems to be down, but once its back up ill post a screenshot.


We'll wait for the screenshot, @AzDawg. Thank you.

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Attached are screenshots. One shows the latency when connected through a VPN (approx 100 ms) and the other without a VPN (approx 300ms). In both cases, I am being automatically connected to South East Asia serves (PUBG does not let players select which server to play on). 

PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDS Screenshot 2019.07.25 -'S BATTLEGROUNDS Screenshot 2019.07.25 -


Hi @AzDawg,


Thanks for the details. To better understand the situation and to identify if the latency issue is with our network please run a TRACERT and send us the result.



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Thanks, here is the tracert data.


Tracing route to []
over a maximum of 30 hops:

1 1 ms 1 ms 1 ms []
2 5 ms 5 ms 5 ms []
3 5 ms 5 ms 5 ms []
4 63 ms 55 ms 55 ms []
5 59 ms 55 ms 55 ms []
6 57 ms 55 ms 55 ms []
7 280 ms 279 ms 286 ms []
8 301 ms 303 ms 303 ms []
9 302 ms 302 ms 305 ms []
10 302 ms 321 ms 303 ms []
11 243 ms 248 ms 246 ms
12 * * * Request timed out.
13 238 ms 240 ms 247 ms
14 245 ms 244 ms 244 ms
15 248 ms 240 ms 240 ms
16 236 ms 241 ms 241 ms
17 243 ms 237 ms 240 ms

Trace complete.


@AzDawg Thank you for the test result. Can you get a trace route through the VPN or your friend's connection? This is so we can compare the difference on the path taken to reach the game server.


Kind regards,

Joseph D

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Hi this is my friends tracert:


1 1 ms 4 ms 1 ms dsldevice.lan [] 2 3 ms 2 ms 2 ms [] 3 3 ms 3 ms 4 ms [] 4 12 ms 15 ms 15 ms [] 5 137 ms 124 ms 128 ms [] 6 159 ms 158 ms 160 ms [] 7 164 ms 160 ms 161 ms [] 8 176 ms 160 ms 163 ms [] 9 173 ms 175 ms 173 ms 10 * * * Request timed out. 11 * * * Request timed out. 12 132 ms 130 ms 130 ms 13 125 ms 128 ms 125 ms 14 125 ms 126 ms 125 ms




Hi @AzDawg,


Thanks for providing the traceroute results of your friend.


So we can look into this case further, can you send us a PM with your customer ID or username? We used your community details to locate an account, but we're unable to find an active record.