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Can't call or access TPG accout

Level 2

Since 3g shutdown in qld. Outgoing calls give no dial and never connect, can't receive calls. I could briefly access my voicemail by calling 121 last friday night but nothing else. Can't access my tpg account on novus or whatever, says something has gone wrong. Can sms send and receive ok and my mobile internet works fine. I'm using a Poco f1, tried restarting power cycling etc. My sim settings are on prefer LTE. Manually selected my apn etc.


Already ordered a new sim that uses Telstra spectrum in case that's the issue but it's probably something in my account barring calls? Dunno why. Seems like other people having same issues. Happy to cancel new sim I ordered if this gets dealt with by end of Monday or so or else it's whatever because I need a working phone and all.


Attached a pic with all I can see on my account before it kicks me out. Blurred personal info


Hi @mike231,


We're here yo help out!  Please send us a private message and we'll pull up your account.