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No SIM arrived, and too late anyway

Level 2

This is continuing on from end Oct 2023.


So the SIM I was sent didnt work, and the team says it will not work. 

They suggest cancelling and re-ordering.

I ask for a refund, in line with the Consumer Affairs advice that the SIM not working is  "major fault" and that I have the choice of remedies.


Instead, while I am on holiday I get emails about a new SIM being ordered.


But there is nothing in the mail at all. 

No card or anything.


And  now I get emails about running out of activation time.


As I have had to go with another company in the meantime, I would still like a refund please.


So please process a refund..


Hi @Hopetoactivate,


We're sorry about the inconvenience caused. Please send us a private message and we'll go from there. 



Level 2

Hi Ahra

I know the difficulties are not due to you personally (you are quite helpful) but I address you as the representative of TPG


I am Colin Vincent


regarding 04*****

I am the account holder



Looking for a refund on the original purchase

because the original sim was not working (tpg acknowledged this)

and the decision to send a replacement was too late - who is going to live without  a mobile phone for a month?

Also the replacement wasnt actually sent to me anyway.


Under law I have the choice or refund or replacement in this case.

I choose refund.


Please process.



Colin Vincent


Hi @Hopetoactivate, for your security and privacy, avoid posting personal information on public threads. 


Please send your details via private message.