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Using Iphone app to check mobile data usage - not working?

Level 3

Hi Reizl,


It just got even worse. Now when I navigate my way through the website to where I used to check data usage (about 6 steps, would be impossible on a phone), this information is no longer available and plan status is "moved to Novus". what's that about and how can I check data usage?



Level 2

I have the same problem! I was supposed to be changed from the PAYG plan to the Small plan on the 5th this month, it should give me unlimited calls and texts, today it's telling me my mobile prepaid balance is $0 and I can't make any calls. When I logged in to check it says 'moved to novus' too. I can't even call customer service because I'm unable to top up. What is going on TPG??


Hi @AmbyT, let us have your TPG mobile number via private message so we can further check on this. 



Level 3

hi ahra_G, thanks for your willingness to look into this for me.  I can click on your name and see your avatar etc but sadly unlike the sample guide there is no 'send a message' link on your profile banner so I can't PM you.