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Email Transfer to The Messaging Company

Level 2
Will 'The Messaging Company' regard email aliases as separate accounts and charge for their use as such?
Level 3

Not sure about your question, but do you know if our aliases will be automatically be transferred? Or do we have to move them individually?


Hi @gmbrown2 


We'd like to help you raise this query for clarification.


Please send us a private message with your account details.



Level 15

@BasilDV . Have TPG and TMC not considered how to handle alias addresses and slave addresses? I'd suggest that users register their primary address first, then alias and slave addresses. Slave addresses look like separate addresses anyhow, so nothing will change there.  Worst case is that users with alias addresses will need to check multiple accounts 

TMC has several months to figure how to handle this.


Anyhow, no need to keep ithe answer private. Lots of users in the same boat.


Hi @david64


We are gathering accounts for us to use as an example or evidence while we raise this concern with our team.


Will post the answer once available for the public.


Thank you.

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The Private Message function is not showing...... 

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So, I'll ask this question as simply as I can, and hope for an answer sometime in the next week or so!!!


I have two tpg email addresses:


2. , which is an alias, and used for 99% of my emails.


I'm intending to transfer both - separately - to TMC. 

Will TMC accept both, and, if so, will they be separate accounts, or one (as is currently the case with tpg mail).

Level 3

Current indications are that you will need 2 accounts with TMC.

I have not seen any clear and concise details (step by step) of how you move an alias to TMC

Level 2
At least two accounts is better than losing the aliases altogether. Would be great for TPG/TMC to let us know what’s happening. Surely TPG anticipated this?
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@BasilDV wrote:

We are still looking into the clarification of the query and will provide updates once available.

It can't be that hard to get an answer for this question, are aliases migrated or not. 

Most people have multiple alias email accounts so this can't come as a surprise to TPG that people (your customers) would want to retain the ability to continue to use the aliases they have set up and actively use.

Please answer so we can make a call on how to progress with this migration.

Do we need to migrate each individual alias or just the main account email.

Yes I know Gow5000 has said each one will be handled as seperate but I want confirmation from a TPG source