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Email problems gmail to tpg

Level 3
Has any one had emails bouncing back from tpg this week?
This week I tried to send emails to some committee members of our club and I’ve had this response a few days later. Seriously. I have no idea when or if emails are getting to people.

Tpg- How about a solution please!!!
Level 3

Hello again Megstar

The original problem is unchanged. Emails from gmail accounts to tpg accounts are not being delivered, being delayed (by up to 2 days !) before being delivered, or being delivered instantaneously ie normally. It is completely random.

TPG's response is also unchanged. ie that it is Gmail's fault and TPG are not going to fix it.

You may want to notify those who have tpg email addresses (by phone?) that there is this problem. They may not be aware that they are not getting emails from gmail accounts.

I've given up.


Level 2
Level 2

While the problem was fixed last year it recently started up again. TPG keep trying to tell me that it's gmail's fault that incoming mail is refused by the TPG servers. I mean, honestly.


After weeks of them looking at the problem some of the email is getting through but some is still being refused. The problem is not fixed.


I am not impressed. Refusing mail from gmail servers JUST IN CASE  it's spam is like setting off a nuke in your carrot patch to stop rabbits eating your crops. It makes NO sense at all. 


TPG email has become very unreliable and I'm looking for other options. :/


Hey, diw. To get real-time update to the email issue you may directly reach our postmaster by sending email to