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FTTB Port Issue TPG & Telstra

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I was unable to relocate/connect to TPG FTTB as there was a port allocation issue. I was advised through the phone by TPG that I should talk to my building manager to get more ports installed to speed up the wait. However, my building manager has come back to me saying that enough ports were installed 2 years ago for all units in my building. Also, it seems this problem has occured before and was suggested to connect to Telstra THEN connect with TPG. So my question is, is there a way to avoid going through this extra step and connecting directly to TPG? Or must I connect to Telstra first and try with TPG again?


Hi @dannykim1,


We have confirmed that there is no available TPG FTTB Port available in your building. We are currently making upgrades around your area. We will contact your building administration about this.


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Any update after contacting the building admin?

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Level 1c

Please give me an update about contacting the building administrator. Thanks.

Community Manager

Hi @dannykim1,

We will attempt to get an update on your behalf. I will escalate this to our FTTB team.

Ill update you in the Community tomorrow once I have an update.

Thanks for the enquiry.