Port Allocation Issue??


Hi @hjones,


I have raised it with our FTTB team and was not provided any information that there will be an upgrade with the infrastructure of your building. Your FTTB order is being monitored and once a port is available for you, you'll be updated by your case manager.


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Level 3

I receieved different information from case manager, that an infrastructure/port upgrade was imminent. So why are you telling me differing information that it won't be happening or are you just not receiving this info?  Which is it??

Level 2

My case manger said they would send out a "4g dongle" as a stop gap until the installation date.

What turned up in the mail is a ten year old 3G commerical device. It didn't include a patch cable so I had to buy one of these, but it is basically unuseable. I can't even get speedtest.net to load to figure out how slow it is.


Can you get the case manager to send me an actual 4g device?