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New tplink modem with voip

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The Modem.....TP-Link Archer VR600v V2 AC1600 Wireless Gigabit VoIP VDSL/ADSL Modem Router.

I have been trying to replace the supplied tpg modem as it does not meet my needs - a reliable connection. I am 70 years old and homespun due to illness. My only escape is the internet however, having to constantly reset the Modem is becoming overly taxing. I have been advised to purchase an access point or mesh system. The set-up cost is almost twice the cost of the equipment because I have to get someone to set it up for me for a fee. Replacing the Modem would be easier.
The question.....can this new tplink modem connect to the TPG system. One of the problems I am currently encountering is cut-outs for a few seconds and having to restart any movie I may be watching. Forgive the long story and thank you all for previous provided help. Regards joe



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Archer VR600v | AC 1600 Dual-Band WiFi | Superior Coverage | 100 Mbps VDSL | HD Quality Telephony  | 4 Gigabit LAN Ports | USB 2.0 Port | TP-Link Tether App 



AC1600 WLAN Telephony DSL RouterArcher VR600v


Hi @akj0barakat


Thanks for reaching out.

If you use a third party modem/router, the phone service will not work.


If you do not use the bundled phone service, then you are free to get any third party modem/router that will meet your needs.


Make sure that you set the VLAN ID to 2 and configure it with PPPoE connection with your TPG username and password.



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Hi @akj0barakat . A new router may not help if there is something wrong with your connection. What device do you use to watch movies? Computer on ethernet or wifi device? If you use a wifi device, does it get good signal strength or is it marginal?

When you get "cut-outs for a few seconds", how do you recover? Movie continues, or restart movie, or switch router off/on?

Regarding the VR600, the manual is not clear about setting VLAN ID. Manual mentions IPTV which may not be same thing.

What type of NBN connection do you have? (FTTB, FTTC, FTTN, FTTP, HFC) 

iiNet have articles for various routers they have tested for their network and describe how to set VLAN ID.



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Hello David, thank you for trying to help. I watch movies via a wireless connection to my router which has a NAS and some movie on my pc. The Tpg supplied modem is on top of a bookcase and is directly opposite the TV set (about 15 metres away and line of sight with no obstacles). The TV set reports the signal strength at 70%. After the cut-out, all I do is restart the movie. The server does not need to be restarted. All i have to do is fast forward to where I was when it stopped. I have noticed an error message but it flashes for less than a second and I have no hope of reading what it says. My nbn is a hfc connection. I have purchased and use an extender to help the WiFi signal reach my pc. To determine if it is the problem, I disconnected it however, the problem remained. I have also updated the drivers for nearly everything to do with a WiFi connection. Yesterday I reset my tpg modem to factory setting and after getting it back by resetting it up, the problem remains. I'm going through all this because I need to keep the voip phone. I have tried to follow as many suggestions as possible within my ability. Thank you for the help. Regards, joe
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@akj0barakat . A few points.

Is the NAS connected to router by cable?

70% seems good signal strength. Does the TV use 2.4G or 5G wifi band?

Does the movie ever get the buffering symbol (rotating circle)?

If 2.4G, which wifi channel (1 or 6 or 11)?

Is the pc needed to get a movie going on tv? Or is it done by the tv?

Is the pc near the tv, in that the pc needs an extender?

Does the pc use 5G band?

If pc is laptop, you can use it to check on interference from surrounding networks.

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David, i appreciate your effort to help me.
nas connected by network cable supplied with nas. Tv uses 2.4G. buffering signal at start but non during the movie. I use 11 when on 2.4g. I have the newer movies on the desktop pc and it is in another room. Without the extender, the wifi connection is unstable and week. I never get full bars. I often change to 5G as the 2.4g connection to overcome the "connected but no internet available". I often have to reconnect the pc due to lost wifi connection especially using 2.4g. The TV option to connect to pc goes grey and it is then I go and choose 2.4g or 5g. I have purchased extra large antenna for the pc and my old router but the tpg does not have one. Only half of my daughters room gets a signal and my bedroom is very poor. I've been told the concrete walls cause most of the problems. Regards, joe
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@akj0barakat . What model is the extender?

Is it free-standing or is it connected to router with cable?

Where is it placed relative to the router, TV, and the bedrooms with poor coverage?

You mention an old router; what model is it?

Is there a possibility to use a longer ethernet cable (Cat6) from NBN box so you can move the router to a better position? Even running the cable along the skirting board.

If you are using the Archer VR1600 in order to keep the VOIP phone, and there is another older router, it could be used as a cabled extender. The phone won't work with the VR600 you want to buy.

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Any after market router can connect to TPG ADSL/NBN.  If you are on nbn, the router should be nbn compatible. Most important you should know the username and password for the account.Second you should know how to get into the new router configuration page and set it up as to connection type, dynamic, PPOE etc all relevant settings. All this hopefully support will be able to give you.  I do not blame you for wanting to use another modem besides their supplied modem/router. Their supplied modem/routers are totally buggy, and effectively crippled by their customized firmware.

Level 2

If you do not use the bundled phone service, then you are free to get any third party modem/router that will meet your needs.

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