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Cancel credit card for direct debit payment

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I am currently overseas and now want to change direct debit payment to a bank account instead of a credit card account.

As I am aware, the bank account for direct debit payment has to be the same name as the account's owner. 

Therefore I would like to process the Change of Ownership and request the new owner to fill the Direct Debit Authorisation form to submit to TPG. 

May I request to process it and suspend the direct debit to my current credit card for the next due date on 7/1/2021 please?

The username is ngamchao2. My name is Charlie Chaovalit Jirapak. DOB 6/X/XXXX. Current service address is XX/X Golding St Toowong QLD 4066. 

I am currently overseas and has no credit to make an overseas call now. Can you please contact me at to acknowledge this request? Thank you in advance.


Kind regards,



Hi @ngamchao2


If you would like to process a payment using a different card or payment method, you may simply log in to your TPG online account.


Here are some articles you can check for reference: 


Should you wish to proceed with the Transfer of Ownership, you may check this guide:


How to request for Change of Ownership (Broadband and Mobile)



Let us know should you require further assistance. 



Note: We have modified your post as it contains your account and private information.






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Cancel Credit Card.