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5G network interruptions

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I started TPG's 5G Home Broadband service around 6 months ago and although it has been seemingly fault free and fast it does seem to have some major flaws. My previous service was fixed line NBN broadband that delivered a maximum download speed of 40Mbps and around 20Mbps upload. Imagine my elation when I discovered that the 5G service could deliver up to 180Mbps download speeds.

However regular speed tests reveal the downside as consistently slow upload speeds of around 8Mbps and widly fluctuating downloads between 2 and 180Mbps with slow ping times of 70ms.

With increasing amounts of working from home I have noticed regular network interruptions that are short-lived at 1-2 minutes but long enough to disconnect me from my office network's VPN and killing any sessions run from clients on my computer. This is happening at 1-3 times a working day and was something that never happened with fixed line NBN.

What could be the cause of this or is this the way that 5G works - fast but unreliable?


Hi @jello


You may try to check this article that may help you regarding the speed issues you are experiencing.

If it did not improve, let us know and send your details via PM for further assistance.