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NBN lead-in cable torn off street pole by falling tree branches

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during recent wild weather the NBN lead-in cable was torn off the street pole by falling tree branches,
I contacted TPG by phone and after more than 1 hour waiting I was told to contact NBN Co directly.
I filled various forms to complain at NBN Co to fix the street cable, they replied it's a provider problem TPG
the cable has been temporarily reconnected by an electrician as I need the internet and phone for my chronic health conditions.
it needs to be fixed properly asap as the cable is a mess dangling loose  and experiencing many drop outs!
I am paying $144.99 per month for such crappy connection that could be permanently cut off by a gust of wind.
this is unacceptable!
I am about to lodge complaints with the NSW communication ombudsman and NSW fair trading.
the street cable needs to be installed properly as a matter of urgency .

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Level 3
The NBN Co has now fixed the problem with a brand new cable from the street pole to my house.
TIO complaint 2024-03-03513 has been withdrawn as it is now fully resolved.

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Was this ever resolved?

Level 3

not yet, still waiting to be fixed.......

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@BasilDV . You all seem to have skipped this one. You could clarify responsibilities of TPG and NBNCo in rhis case. The lead-in cable to the house attachment is normally for NBNCo. Who should the user contact to fix this?

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@david64   the NBN Co has been contacted twice,


response from NBN Co:


As you have indicated that your service is impacted, please contact your Retail Service Provider (RSP) to have this matter resolved. Your RSP will raise a Service Restoration ticket to troubleshoot and identify what is required to reinstate services to the premises. 


Your RSP will liaise with you directly to resolve the matter and will be able to provide updates. 


This case has now been closed. 




Kind regards,





Hi @Robert345 


If you haven't contacted our team to escalate the case with NBN Co., then please send us a private message and we'll see what we can arrange for you.



Level 3

problem misunderstood: even though the internet works, the street cable is hanging loose with temporary tape fix - ridiculous situation at $144.99 a month with inclement weather likely to break the cable again.

a formal complaint is now being lodged with the telecommunications ombudsman.


telecommunications ombudsman:
Thank you. We have received your complaint.
Your complaint reference number is: 2024-03-03513. Keep this number handy. We'll ask you for it whenever you contact us about your complaint.
You do not need to contact us about your complaint again, and in the meantime, we encourage you to try and resolve your complaint with your provider.
You can find your provider’s contact details on our website. Thank you for your patience.





@Robert345 If it is service impacting like the connection dropping out, this is something we'd be keen to look at and we can raise this with NBN.


On the other hand, if it does not affect your service but poses a safety hazard, this should be reported directly to NBN Co.


Please send us a private message with your details and we'd be happy to take a closer look.


Level 3

@Aubrey  it's been reported to NBN Co twice and they replied that it's a service provider issue case number 16308073., I'm being played like a ping pong as TPG says it's a NBN Co issue, so back and forth with nothing being done.


now it's in the hands of the TIO.


@Robert345 Based on NBN Co's reply to you, you have indicated in your report that this is service affecting so we'll be the one to raise a ticket with NBN Co. 


Please send your details and we'll take a closer look.