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Static IP address on NBN home account?

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Signed up here to put in my 2 cents as well.  I've been with TPG for years, liked the static IP from my ADSL plan (one of the reasons I picked it originally) so asked their support about keeping a static IP and was disappointed that only Dynamic on Residential plans.  Hell they didn't even tell me you had to go to a business plan to get a static.  I haven't pre-ordered my NBN connection yet so I might need to rethink this one and I don't think I'm going to pay extra for a business plan.

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Turns out I can't even pre-order a business NBN plan, I can with a residential one.  So the location check isn't even consistent on their website for business plans.


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We'd like to understand your situation better and give you a hand here to get you sorted. 


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I have had TPG ADSL Static IP for some time too.


I am just about to get NBN and need to maintain a static IP.  I don't need phone, business support, modem, wifi etc (I am pretty sure Meraki gear is up to the job...), I just need a consumer NBN plan with a static IP.


As an IT tech I run a home lab with services such as Exchange mail for my family etc and I need Reverse DNS on the IP as TPG configured for my current IP.  Many mail servers won't accept mail from servers without RDNS, and I can't safely use SPF/DKIM with a dynamic IP.


Sure I have work around option, but they are messy/less reliable and for a few $ setup, I would be happy to pay to get that IP.  I will be moving to Exetel or MyRepublic very soon for NBN if TPG expect me to pay for a full business plan just for a Static IP.





Hi @GuyB,


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Though we don't currently offer NBN Plan with Static IP for residential customers, you can consider our NBN Business Plan.


Our NBN Business Basic (NBN12) Plan is only $69.99 per month.


For more information, please visit this link:



Let us know if we can be of further assistance. Thank you.


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The equivalent business plan in terms of speed and unlimited data to my residential plan costs $20 more per month. Other providers are either including a static IP address for free or are charing an extra $10 a month. Goodbye TPG NBN. I'm outta here.

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Just to add my annoyance at no static IP like the old ADSL..

And as if that isn't enough, now Google is getting all agitated and sending me all sorts of texts and emails because I keep signing in from a different IP address. And it's not like I need more spam, or I don't despise google enough already, or I need to jump through hoops just to read some email.




Hi @robm79,


Thank you for your feedback and taking the time to write about your experience. We apologise for the inconvenience and understand your frustrations in the loosing of Static IP address on an NBN residential plan


Currently, the Static IP address on an NBN technology is only available on our business plans. You may refer to our website:


Once we are able to provide a static IP for our residential plan, we'll post it here, on our website and our social media page (FB, Twitter, Instagram, etc.).


We welcome all feedback as hearing from our customers is the best way we can improve our business.


Kind regards,


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I can see that a lot people are upset about not getting Static IP address with their residential NBN services, but not much understanding behind the bigger problem and the more likely reasoning behind it.


Simply, there is an IPv4 Address Shortage.

There isn't enough IP Addresses going around for ISPs to be statically assigning to the general home user. The everyday home user doesn't need a static IP address.


For some of us more Tech Savvy users, the feature of getting a Static IP address with a home service and not having to pay for business grade service was awesome. I loved it on my ADSL services, and then  lost it on my NBN service where I had the speeds to run a home server. But it wasn't sustainable by the ISP. Nor something that is provided/recommended on the NBN network. 


Instead of complaining to TPG that you should be getting a static IP because you had it on your last service, maybe you should be pushing them to get IPv6 implemented instead. This would GUARENTEE you not one static IP, but multiple static IPs for every device in your home. You're not entitled to have a Static IP because it was on your last service.


Other alternatives is to use services like DynDNS or No-IP for your Dynamic IPv4 home connection. This is the way I have been able to workaround this problem.



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You're not entitled to have a Static IP because it was on your last service.


I disagree with this last comment. The NBN changeover should be service for service because we are being forced to change. If you had static before you should have it now, preferably with the same address, at the same price or less.