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[Update] TPG Email Outage

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At least you have provided some detail about the nature of the problem, but the fact that it's taken sooooo long to fix indicates a lack of redundancy in your systems.  Poor form for a company the size of TPG.

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Also in order to post here I had to create a gmail account BECAUSE MY TPG EMAIL DOESNT WORK.  pretty silly having to verify an email on a conversation about an email outage!

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Thanks for the heads up about accessing Post Office.  Thought it may be a problem with the computer.

Level 1c

This is getting beyond a joke, I had to sign up to TPG community using another email since my TPG is not working.  How can your company not have any sort of communication proticol for outages to this extreme.  I am a long time TPG customer and have only had minor issues up until now, this is just absolute crap from a major player in the Australian provider market.

At least give us details on what happened and what losses of information are expected and timeframe to fix the problem.

You must know the magnitude of the potential loss by now, give a most likely outcome on the above points, grow a set and be proactive in communicating.  Very unhappy customer.  Is there any recourse customers can take for data loss.

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mine is a and is also not operational, so don't forget to fix it please

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Not sure what should be happening here, but this is the most wowefull thing I have seen with a major provider.   I am a very, very  old oldy, and started when IT was called  "Data Processing" way back in 1968.. Now am retired these days.  Have been with TPG for most years when living in AU home city, and also paying monthly to keep facility at going when away overseas... To not have redundancy system and back-up in the old days was similar to criminal activity, so we were always aware of that, so downtime  could never, ever happen to this degree...   Is is woweful what money and overseas back-up has done to the Australian industry I grew up with... Sham Shame Shame IPG..



@willagee You are right, the issue is not confined to any particular area.


@cathyw Yes, some Chariot customers are affected too.


Kind regards,

Joseph D

Level 3

This is a staggering amount of time to be affected by such an issue.  A further problem for me is that I tried "reset password" when trying to access the Post Office because I had no idea there was a problem at the time.  So the reply was that tpg have sent me an email with a temporary password on it.  Eh? You sent me an email with a temporary password because I cannot access my email account?  So how do I go into my email and retrieve the email?  Duh.


I have been with tpg since 2000 - a very long time.  I am now forced to opening a gmail account because there are some emails I simply must receive.  It's a very poor show TPG.  Very poor.



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No mention of @COBWEB.COM.AU!!!!!!! Afterthought of


WHERE is your backup system to change to in cases as these ... very unprofessional. Caused loss of income, customers etc etc. 


I hope you lose a lot of business due to this, as that’s what you deserve. DAYS without email.


i believe there is a class action being organised. 

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And ADELAIDE! Disgusting.