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Recently, the phone has lost connection at my parents place. Seems like it may be a modem problem (looked at other threads). I have done a few tests, including buying a new phone set, however was not able to get it working. 


What would the best method of proceding? 

Should a new replacement modem be arranged? If so, how would I put through this request?

TPG technician to be in contact?

Or other testing methods I may have missed?


Please let me know.


Thank you for your time.




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Hi @s4208253 . Does their phone get a dial tone?

What happens if you call their number?

If there is dial tone, what happens if they try to call a number?

What type of NBN connection do they have?

These articles might help.

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Hi @david64 ,


Thank you for replying, please see following for my findings:

- Dial tone: no dial tone (no other sounds as well)

- When calling the number: Go Straight to either the phone line is busy or that the number dialled is not available anymore (something similar).

- NBN connection: NBN50

- Checks:

                 Phone1 light is on

                 Check status in account on TPG website and shows all connected

                 Changed phone cables

                 Plugged in Phone 2 port to check

                 Phone1 light is on

                 Changed phones (made sure it is working at my place before trying at parents)

Also to add, the phone was working and then 1 day it stopped. 


Any other advice?






Hi @s4208253


Welcome to the Community!


We'd like to look into the account of your parents for better understanding of the situation.

Please send me a PM with your TPG username or customer ID number to assist you accordingly.


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