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TP-Link VX220 Router Settings Keep Reverting

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Level 3

I have (probably) and odd query.

I bought my TP-Link VX220 router from TPG about 9 months ago. It has wored worked reasonably well for me.


I have done a number of things with my home network, like:

  • change the IP address of the router to
  • changed my primary/secondary DNS to /
  • configured the address pool from to
  • configured address reservation for known devices on my network

This worked perfectly for me.


I decided to switch to AGL Internet, as they were offering a 100mbps / 20mbps service for $5 a month less. I took my existing Router with me to AGL and the switched happened seemlessly, without me having to do any manual reconfiuration of my router settings.


Since I switched, I have been getting random and "mysterious" router re-confiuration changes, where the IP address of the router will change back to or - but all the other settings remain intact. This has sometimes happened multiple times in a day or not happened for a day or 2.

Whenever this reconfiguration happens, the router is rebooted, IP address of the router changes and then devices have issues re-establishing a connection, as they have a lease for the 10.x.x.x range. Today, this happened during a Teams call.


How can I go about tracing who is changing these settings (i.e. TPG or AGL, probably via TP-069) and get them to stop?

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I stand to be corrected, but if you've switched providers it must be them you approach?

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Level 3

I wondered about that, but then I thought, how would my new provider know how to access my TPG router (I assume via TR-069), as I suspect access control would be heavily protected.

It is a "TPG router" and I assume, was previously being managed by TPG. I wondered if the router was still on their list of devices to monitor and manage.


Hi @Si, your TPG router should still work as usual except for the VoIP function as that is provisioned to only work with TPG connection. Hope that helps!