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VR1600v firmware download

Level 1b



I have just received my TP-link modem for my new NBN connection and have noticed that the firmware is an older version compared to a version number I have seen on this community .

Can I please get a download link, so that I can download the firmware to upgrade my NBN modem.


Thnaks in advance



Level 7

Hi @peterk Welcome to the community, your new supplied TP-Link modem has a special customised firmware to enable it to work on the TPG network.

There isn't a .bin file available for download anywhere for you to flash it yourself. The modem requires the encrypted VOIP settings embedded in the firmware to work.

Once you're connected to the network you can request a firmware udpate on this community and one of the moderators can arrange for it to be pushed to your device over the network.

Level 1b

OK ...Thank you for that information.  Not sure I like the fact that the modem can be accessed remotely like that.  I am used to manageing my own devices and updating them, if and when I see fit to do so.


Can I please get you to update the firmware for me.


thanks in davnce.




Hi @peterk,


You may shoot me a private message with your TPG username or customer ID number and we will check if the firmware of your modem/router needs to be upgraded.


Kind regards,



Hi @peterk


Thanks for sending out the details, we'll be needing additional details for us to upgrade the firmware of your modem. PM us the following details: 


Firmware Version:
Hardware Version: 


Looking forward for your response.