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VX220-G2v Wifi Issue

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Hi @qak,


A function called 'band steering' is by default enabled. This feature makes your devices connect to both 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz hence the possible drop with the connection. 


You may try disabling this function and see how that works for your devices. 


Just simply log in to your modem's admin page, select Wireless Settings (Advanced) then 'switch off Bad Steering'


Let us know should you require further assistance. 



Level 2

EXACT same problem that everyone else is reporting. Soooo annoying. What is the fix TPG?? Nothing you have suggested even comes close to working. Why are you still supplying these defective modems?

Community Manager

We'll get our techs on the case. Send me a private message. @Mitch1 

Level 2

Aghhhh ...... here we go again, honestly can't see why TPG refuses to accept 

that  these VX220 are absolutely rubbish. Time find another service provider with decent routers