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How to connect TP Link Archer AX 73 to TPG NBN Arris CM8200? We are replacing old Archer VR1600V. Help please with step

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Yes I received phone call from TPG technician. As per him this TP Link AX5400 AX73 is just wifi router & it will not work connecting with NBN Arris CM8200. I will have to return it & get a new VDSL MODEM/ROUTER.

Can you please suggest me which are latest VDSL Models Modem/Routers with wifi 6 which can be connected direct to NBN Arris CM8200 to replace the old TP Link Archer VR1600V? Any Price & Brand will be OK for me.

Thank you very much for your help.

Kind regards,


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@anilpatelindia . Before you try to return the AX73, did you do the things I suggested? 

Are you really on Ultrafast plan?

What is VLAN setting in VR1600?


Ethernet cable goes from Arris to blue port on AX73. 


The AX73 has to be in Wireless Router Mode. Go to Advanced > System > Operation Mode.


If you are only on a standard NBN plan (not Superfast/Ultrafast), you will need to set VLAN ID.

This iiNet article has the setup for Archer C9 which is similar to (not quite the same as) the AX73.





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Hi David,

Yes I am on 

Current Plan     NBN Cable Broadband Unlimited Superfast

Contract     You are currently not in contract

Ethernet cable from Arris is connected to blue port on AX73. 

I am currently using internet as folloing connections.

- Old VR1600 connected to Arric CM8200.

- From VR 1600 yellow ethernet port ethernet cable is connected to blue port of AX73.

- Wireless wifi id disabled on VR1600V

- PC & all home items like TV, security camera Google Home all connected wireless wifi from new AX73

This way AX 73 is working using middle VR1600. But I want to use only AX73 without VR1600.

Thank you

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@anilpatelindia . With VR1600 as the main router, check if the VLAN ID is enabled or not, and your exact username on the Advanced, Network, EWAN screen.

Remove the VR1600 and turn it off.

Since you are on Superfast plan, VLAN ID is not used.

On AX73, do factory reset. You need PPPoE and username (same as on VR1600) and password.

Also, Wireless Router Mode.

Cable from Arris to blue port on AX73.

What is the Internet light doing? (4th light from left)


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I tried as per your instructions but still no luck. Please see attached pictures.

4th light from left is red all other green.TpLink3.JPGTPLink2.JPGTP Link1.JPG

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@anilpatelindia . With VR1600 connected to Arris, go to Advanced, Network, EWAN screen. Change your username before @ sign to X, take screenshot, then Cancel out of screen.


With AX73 connected to Arris, go to Advanced, System, Operation Mode and take screenshot.

Go to Internet screen, change your username before @ sign to X, take screenshot, then Cancel out of screen.


The AX73 System Log might have something useful. Go to Advanced, System, System Log.

In the Save Log section, click SAVE TO LOCAL to save the system logs to a local disk.

Open the text file, select all, copy and paste into your reply with the 3 screen shots. You might have to make 2 or 3 replies to fit everything in.


User JasR has AX73 working on HFC.

User byoosh has AX73 working on FTTP.



Hi @david64


@anilpatelindia is under the bundled NBN service (Internet and VoIP). 


The device that he need should support VLAN tagging for the service to work.



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Hi Basil,

Yes I am under the bundled NBN service (NBN Cable Broadband Unlimited Superfast). But I never used the landline TPG phone in last 3 years so no need of the phone line. I just need good high speed internet only for my home business. I am running business (eBay) from home. Just Google VINA61 for details.

Thank you.

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Screenshots attached



Hi can you please provide us the option we can choose on Authentication Type.