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Free Opt in NBN 100 not working

Level 2
I had called TPG at least 3 times in May. Everytime said they will put my account down and I did opt in, they will check it and sure it will work at the end date. Today is June, still on NBN 50 speed. They also said I will get SMS confirmation upgrade, still nothing

Hi @rsiao,


We're here to help! Let's grab your details via private message and make sure that your account is on the right plan. 



Level 2

Hi Ahra_G,


I have the same issue re the NBN upgrade (not been upgraded). 


I followed your link on how to send a PM to you (private message),  but I cannot PM you. When I click on your name I do not get the "Send a Message" popup.


Would you please assist me.


Kind regards

Community Manager

Hey @dcs21562,


You'll need level 2 to be able to send PMs. If you create a new post, you should be able to start sending PMs. Once you've sent us a PM, we'll take a look at what's going on with your speed boost.

Level 2

Hi adib_rahmang,


Thank you for your reply.  


I hope this counts as a post. Smiley Wink (or do I need to creat a new thread?). 


Cheers and fingers crossed,

Level 7

Your first public post already made you L2...