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TPG to TMC - Not Getting Email

Level 3

I have op in for migration several weeks ago and got a confirmation email that it is successful.
Today when i tried to retrieve my email from Thunderbird it says wrong password.

I then proceed to try to access my mail from the web base tpg site. I got in to check my mail.
So i tested sending fresh email to myself from another email account.

I found out i am not getting any email at all from about 10am , 20 Sept 2023. I used my ALIAS and also the main email (

Whats going on?

Please help i need my emails urgently


Level 3

I am getting this error form Thunderbird Email Program

"Sending of password for user ads#### did not succeed. Mail server responded: [SYS/TEMP] Temporary authentication failure. [sep-kakadu02.i-07a6182fa6f02d683:2023-09-20 02:35:08]"


follow by a wrong password warning

Level 2

Same here except trying to login via the webpage works about 1 in10 times.


I have been migrating most of mail contacts to a 'gmail' account as I half expected this to be a "f-up" but some I can't easily change.


Now I don't get any mail to this account, can send but not recieve, poor service.

Level 2

Also same on Iphone and from Outlook on desktop.

Last  incoming email was at about 10:00am 20/9/23 CST.

All report Authentication error.

Done my transfer August recieved no confitmation from TPG or TMC 

Big screw up TPG and TMC .. get your act together 


Level 3

Same here. TMC and TPG are doing a really bad customer service job at the moment. I predict a lot of long term TPG customers will leave over the email fiasco. 

Level 3

Same here,messages to Thunderbird on all my accounts stopped about 10AM today.


Hi All, 


The email issue should now be resolved. If you still experience the same issue, do send us a private message so we can assist further. 



Level 3

I've been unable to send for days. Therefore email issue is not resolved.


TPG have made this claim that is simpky not true as TPG have changed the email MX server, and my emails do not work  - "Your current email settings will continue to work after your TPG email address has moved to The Messaging Company."


What is the fix?


Hi @Will12


Have you tried to send an email using the webmail?


If it's still not working, please send us a private message with your account details.



Level 3

PM sent.


Hopefully it can be sorted ASAP as days without full email functionality is not what TPG promised when they dropped this merge bomb.