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Internet Account Cancellation

Level 1a

Please kindly provide the email address that I need to send the account cancellation email.


I do not want to answer any further questions.

I do not want to receve a PM.

I do not want to receive a phone call.


Kind regards.

Level 1a

Nevermind, I found the link that you guys have tried really hard to hide from people.

If you wish to cancel your account just go to:

Log in with your TPG account details and fill out the cancellation form. Website might throw an error message, just approve the error message and it will return your customer details.


Alternatively you can emai to : with below information.


Subject: Cancellation Request: [Your Customer ID Number or Username]

Account Holder’s Name:
Service Address where the ADSL is installed:
Reason For Cancellation:
Date Of Cancellation:


I confirm that I am aware of the applicable cancellation charges.