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TPG NBN Typical Evening Speeds (updated 13/11/20)

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TPG NBN Typical Evening Speeds


You may have seen TPG's amazing value NBN plans advertised with a typical evening speed. This helps inform our customers about the speeds you can expect during evening peak times (7pm - 11pm) when most internet users are at home using their NBN service. 


TPG NBN typical evening speeds (for NBN technologies FTTP, FTTN, HFC, FTTB - all except Fixed Wireless) are:




Speed Tier

Typical Evening Speed (7pm - 11pm)

Ideal For

Basic (nbn12)


  • Essential use
  • 1-2 users
  • Speed similar to DSL

Standard (nbn25)


  • Streaming multiple HD videos
  • 1-3 users
  • Much faster than DSL

Fast (nbn50)


  • Streaming multiple HD videos
  • Heavy users
  • Much faster than DSL

Superfast (nbn100)


  • Stream 4k videos
  • Concurrent heavy users
  • Best NBN speed



TPG delivers these typical evening speeds by:


  • Carefully managing the capacity we purchase from NBN Co to ensure performance on TPG NBN plans
  • Fully owning and operating our world-class voice and data network, including intercapital fibre to carry traffic from the NBN network to our core network, and a submarine fibre optic cable to give customers a great international browsing experience


 Most popular TPG NBN plans:


We have a range of plans so you can choose what best suits you. Our most popular plans are:





Unlimited plans start from $59.99/month on the Standard (nbn12) Speed Tier, but for just $10/month more why not go more than 3 times faster on our Fast (nbn50) plans?


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