Modem Upgrade

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We have recently registered for NBN50 from NBN12 and wondering if we could upgrade our modem please? It occasionally drops out and we have to restart the modem to reset it - it is the original NetCommWireless N300 Router that we started with years ago. Is there a cost to upgrade?

Hi @jasonshaye,

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We are sad to know that you're having difficulty with stability of your connection. We are able to locate your account using your community details and ran an initial test on your service.

The test result shows your service is connected for 2h 32m with a stable and passing speed on the line. We'd like to confirm if the dropouts occurs on device(s) connected on Wi-Fi.

If so, we did an article that will help you improve your wireless connection available here.



On the other hand, if you wish to get a new modem/router for your service you can purchase our supplied modem/router for $99.95 or sign up for additional 12 month contract.

Note: It includes additional $10.00 for the shipping fee.


Let us know how it will go and should you require further assistance.




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Hi there,

I’ve been using HG659 for the past 3years, can I upgrade to the new tplink vr1600v? How should I do? Do I need to sign off an additional 12 months contract?


Hi @jerry6030, we have checked the status of your service and it appears that your modem is still supplying a very good connection.


We had a look at your account and we can see that you have previously  requested a firmware upgrade due to an issue of not being able to select any channel on the 5GHz Wi-Fi network.


Your modem has the latest firmware now. Are you still experiencing issues with this? Or is there any issue in particular that you'd like to raise regarding your service?

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Thanks Riezi. 5Ghz issue is gone but I found when I connect all my devices to the modem/router. Some devices are going to having huge lags, high pings. Everyone has 2, 3 or more devices nowadays. Plus TV, TV box etc.


I just upgraded to NBN50 last month and I think maybe it's time to upgrade my modem as well, the old one is 3 years old.


So am I avialaible to get a VR1600? I'm ok to lock into contract again.


We'd be more than happy to request for a new modem, however since you're experiencing issues with the service, we'd like to check first, @jerry6030.


 This is for us to identify if there's any underlying problem with the line/network or it's the modem you've been using for 3 years causing it.


Have you tried checking the speed using only one device connected via ethernet cable or Wi-Fi? Is the issue time specific?

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Thanks Riezi for the quick respond. 


When only 1 device connecting to medem. the speed is very good. around 45 download/ 16 upload. But not handling well when mutiple devices online at the same time.


And recently I noticed the internet will diconnect and reconnect in a few days period. The most recent it was diconnected after 7 days. But it will reconnect in a few minutes.




We are suspecting a possible bandwidth sharing issue, @jerry6030.


If there are multiple devices connected to the internet at the same time, as you may be aware, they will be sharing the 45Mbps speed/bandwidth. We also need to consider the online activities of each device.


If the speed is no longer enough to accommodate the devices and the their online activities, there's a possibility that the connection will drop.


What do you normally do online? Are you most of the time streaming videos on your devices, downloading/uploading large files?

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Hi Riezi,


Normally just vedio streaming on TV box. But sometimes I refersh the instram on my phone it's lagging a lot... I can imagin how bad it is if playing online games. So i think mybe the CPU or RAM of current modem cannot handle this much data turnover. So we need a better modem to handle it better.. that's all.


So do you think I can get a vr1600 modem replacement for free? Or if I can sign up for an addtional lock-in contract? 


Hi @jerry6030, we'd like to set your expectation that replacing the modem may or may not resolve the issue.


Though it is really possible that the modem is possibly causing the issue, we can't conclude this unless we perform further troubleshooting.


There's also a possibility that the speed or plan you are currently on is no longer enough to accommodate your devices and online activities.


Nonetheless, we have PM'd you the details on how to get a new modem.


Let us know via PM how you wish to proceed. Thank you.